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"old woman look at my life, twenty-six 'n I ain't done shit..."
- besides refine my wit by exercisin' it
these rhymes I spit entwine the mind
with all kinds of divine merit - yea I blare it when I spin it
but they don't hand out cash prizes to the asses-wise, innit
that's why I've been in trainin', my chick just thinks I'm wainin', feignin'
but behind closed doors my shit I'm cainin'
it bores me to be wastin' my time on some'n basic
I know what's mine I've faced it - no more stuck in a stasis
holy fuck I'm amazin' simply because I'm sayin' it
what comes to mind I'm makin' it, never fakin' shit
ever wakin' clits as if they draped in spit, laced with it
I'm talkin' 'bout them quakin' fits...
a spacey cake so to speak, yea I've baked it
it's never weak in the flavour - forever stays rich
and tasty in my kitchen, oh 'n so ya know
when I flow you can call me angelow in his clay-pit

"old woman look at my life, twenty-six 'n I ain't done shit..."
- if you exclude that time I ate some food, payed them dues
I always seem to play it crude, I've even made a move
from one side of this planet to the other dammit
'n that's as wide as it gets 'n I forget to plan shit
I'm just glad that the airplane - they didn't prang it
must've been mad I was fair game - they fuckin' fang it
course I'm scared to be maimed, I ain't insane
here's an intro to my brain though for those who don't yet know me:
I'm the OG mild OCD afflicted MC
styles wicked as I blend these vocal chords with thoughts so plenty
"it's fully sick" - like gangrene? I know you feel that prick 'n pang deep
feel free to thank me for these rubbadubs so skanky
I teach lessons in perfection but there ain't no need to stress them
my speech has blessed them - from cause to effect without question
no exceptions! applause for my collection - I've double 'n triple checked 'em
they'd be no more than scribbles if I'd let them

"old woman look at my life, twenty-six 'n I ain't done shit..."
- save for walk some streets played 'n recorded some beats
then talked over them in rhythms like a whiskey served neat
the squawk out my beak - it's a given like the frisky conserve heat
blurry is the wisdom when one wistfully preserves but can't keep...
yea I've perved on 'shes', murmured words in my sleep
been caught actin' absurdly meek
ain't concerned wit' no cliques or them peeps on the screens
therefore I'm gonna be one who will realise his dreams
in this life I lead - to all the people I meet
whether you're in the sky or simply out on the breeze
it's something to perceive is my general conceit
'n if ya wanna know why then come on up on ya feet, out of them seats
I'm a bonafide propriety
a hiding loner who has time to conceive plots and or schemes
what do I mean? quite a lot but alright here's a sneak-peek
I'm still not sure if it's me or everyone else that's the freeeeeaaakk

"old woman look at my life, twenty-six 'n I ain't done shit..."
- but hang on, I dunno if that's quite bang on
I've certainly mastered this slang not to mention the class of my KLANG is second to none
pertinently have I harangued, you know those not much more than orangutan types
"christ man, whatcha like!? orangutans are nice!!!" *pullscollar*
well once I made wine 'n I've spent my fair share o' time at a sink
where I'd tear, vent lines stare out 'n think
'n ponder, "this lout hasn't gotten groovy at uni!" who me?
I just wander round town as if that wim wenders movie entombs me
blended all together like a smoothie
this universe dispersed - I'm tethered to it loosely
it moves me from A to B blatantly cruisy
could say I'm an infused tea, dude's got nothin' to prove - ssSHHIIIIITt
so you know I wouldn't do this if I wasn't good? - "right..."
'n if I wasn't good well then I probably should - "aight!?"
not rock the mic 'n such the whole damn night
'cause if you see me at sunrise I might just give you a fright, keep that in mind -


from MADMANimKELLER, released March 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Lowan the Option Berlin, Germany

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