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everybody's gotta eat, right?
sleep tight... oi, be nice!
well maybe not the latter but boy
it would sure be nice to be, right?!
I'd feed quite the splatter
if I was lucky enough to be knifed
'cause each 'n every one of us bleeds, right?
needs to breath, might perform some evil deeds right...

so all you fucks way out where play fair 'n suck back drinks, yea?
blink away stares as ya stink up hair??
well I'm not sure of the former
but the laws o' norms ought ta warn ya
to share 'n care 'n think thoughts declarin'
that ignorin' facts is tactless
in short-hand wackness
'sup with that sham?! I'm gonna take a stand,
make a plan dammit I'm a modern man!
not some sodden fan with my noggin in hands
whinin' about the time the jam it should've slammed
"could've man, 'n would've if the goods were scanned" -
bah, you guys were whingy even for an indie-band
can you understand - I'm a one man big-bang!?
caught 21 son? watch me catch 22:
what the frack you gonna do
when resistance, persistence, existence is futile?
- catch a glimpse of the view since "you've only got a while"

so the trees are dyin' and the bees are dyin'
'n it seems we're lyin' all about these crimes -
against? nature... gotcha picket fence
'n the paper? that's a hefty wager
guess I'll have to take my bass-clef to the stage
one place that is left that ain't a cage
when I bless it the stave's sure not major
known on the corner as the pentatonic saviour
with their sardonic flavours
my supersonic semiquavers wreakin' havoc on ya neighbours
got this swell planet as a favour - not to sell
hell of a way to repay
the forces pavin' the courses and ways for us
creatures wit' features ever changin'
never wainin' like the beaches
what a pain in the breeches we are - larger scale leeches!
'n will our barrage prevail our weakness?
or better still derail mirages as I speak this
get to it y'all 'cause we got pitfalls
I'm talkin' 'bout the gall to call
only shitty factors - such as?
atomickeyreactors unnatural
sure it's a pity but man we're animals
all in all another clan o' fuckin' titty suckin' mammals

some have been known to flee for their lives -
hives flown
while others can't seem to see shite
not me though I'm rife wit' delight, you know why?
'cause I see bright
even on a february bleak night
'n I exceed heights
like some sherpa high on speed might
these words weren't meant to be trite,
concern jesus christ nor cause strife
I think I more meant to pause life
scheiß egal if you're a bored wife or a poor student type
but if you're a prude then I
will allude and pry in my crude sly eye's way
'n then if ya got nought to say then get the fuck out my way
'cause even the queen took a shit today... or maybe yesterday

everybody eats, yea?
drinks right, thinks shit's unfair...
sleeps nights,
stinky hair, goes somewhere??
knows their capacity
to show audacity
as each 'n every one of us... *missesbeat*


from MADMANimKELLER, released March 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Lowan the Option Berlin, Germany

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