from by Lowan the Option



mmm oh, so slow 'n steady wins the race
don't ya know I'm low 'n ready all up in ya face!?
I'll bring jah bass, drums and angel wings to the place
with things 'n space, laced wit' many grins on the faces
the basis of which is my sickly status
unwittingly made it - even the PRICKs OK'd it
I know the way kid, there's a road I paved it
this beat my loot ya dig enroute enslaved it
in cahoots we saved it, sweet like fruit to be tasted
personally caught 'n caged it therefore all forms be waivered
until dawn I'd play it if I had a cool neighbour
but I'm stuck wit' my phones home alone, I'm jus' sayin'...
what a drone - I'm not shakin', fuckin' clone! - I'm cool baby
alright back to the beat, seems you've confused and dazed it
I'll lose and amaze it, prove a feat - I just crazed it
'n now like wit' my girl this vocal I've down-layed it, oh

ah but wait I'm here to put on a show for these people
in a way you could say I'm a bro to these equals
should it lay as if fate one day all will be feeble
let it stay, if I may - churches were gonna always have steeples
does it pay to be late? he lurches towards the horizon
in between gates she perches - mmm mit den thighs, YUM!
clear the slate - thank god we're all gonna die mann
don't fear the skies, gun it to the state line I'm a risin' son
not that it's bad but all's just fads besides dads 'n mums
'n until that day comes count me down for some mad fun
'cause I had that race won 'fore the time 'n the space'd even begun
why I'm glad, oh my it seems I'm a chosen one!?! *guffaws*
never frozen just got bad circulation
as ever dozin' with these dreams of a nation
where you and me, we'd be free of our conscience
guilty as charged, livin' large - oh what nonsense...
"guilty as charged - livin' large, parked in my garage are five fast cars
na klar, if it made it faster I'd fuckin' mine our star" - naaghhh
that's not me, I'm more one for the bicycles it seems
'cause I drink 'n ride but never think to drive, like to blink's implied you know I'd wink here LIVE!
only to be found sunken in a drunken stupor -
I'm a super-dooper MC/DJ/producer
I make the loose get looser, this spoof is proof uh
und wenn du glaubst mir nicht na denn fick dich DU warmduscher!


from MADMANimKELLER, released March 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Lowan the Option Berlin, Germany

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